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We are a family owned business, founded in 2006. Since that time, over 4000 people honored us, with their trust.


By the persistent work of the family, we built the company, developed our technologies to provide a quality, that we are proud of.


To free humans from the burden of teeth related bodily problems and dental diseases.

Our goal is to provide dental treatment, which makes our patients happier, healthier and has long-lasting results.

With this, we work to create a culture of health, to help you maintain dental and overall health.



Miklós Imre Kovács

Founder of the company, master of dental technology. He learned his profession in Germany and earned his title there. Inventor of  our Body Balancing technology.

DSC_0636 (2).JPG

Patrick Kovács

Specialist in digital dental solutions. Leader of the dental laboratory. He started to learn his profession as a child and keeps developing and improving our technology, to make sure we will be still on top of available technology in the future.


Dr. Sebastian F. Kovács

Finished with summa cum laude distinction at the University of Semmelweis. His specialities are treatment of TMJ disorders, minimally invasive dental procedures and prosthodontics.


Károly Kőszegi

Master of dental technology. Highly skilled in esthetic restorations, dentures and removable partial dentures.


Kinga Fischer

Dental hygienist and assistant. She will professionally do your cleanings, help you with how to maintain proper dental hygiene.


Ildikó Kovács

Our patient-coordinator, who is probably the most patient and kind person you ever speak with. She helps you with everything troughout your journey.


Erika Kovács

Our financial coordinator and receptionist. She will help you with everything regarding financials and paper-work.

Our history


June 2006

??? 2011



The idea and development of the Body Balancing technology came.

The family moved from Szeged, to Budapest. We decided to focus our activity on Body Balancing. We started our own dental laboratory and started renting a dental office.

The first franchise business for Body Balancing opened in China.

We opened our own new dental office, with our own dental treatment room and laboratory in one facility.

Our team first started implementing a completely digital workflow, to create dental restorations from A to Z.


Waiting room

Treatment room Nr. 1

Waiting room

Treatment room Nr. 2

World-wide known

In 2011 we opened our first partner clinic in China.

On the picture you can see a workteam from the Zheijang Dental University who work with the center in jaw-joint research.


5 reasons you should do your crowns in Hungary!

Request a callback!

Our colleagues will contact you to give you a cost estimation, all informations and help you get started.

1. You get a FREE treatment plan and consultation with our doctor. You will get a complete understanding of the procedures.

2. You save up to 70% on your treatment costs. Not only on crowns, but also on all other treatments, like root canal treatments, dental implants and fillings.

3. You fly to Budapest with ticket prices from 12.99 Euro.

4. We help you organize your accomodation and transport. Our driver picks you up at the airport.

5. You come to an english speaking company, where you can seamlessly communicate with your dentist and staff members.

Frequently asked questions

How are dental treatment so much cheaper in your clinic?

In Hungary labor costs and prices in general are lower, than in other, western parts of Europe. As dentistry is a service industry, a large part of the treatment costs cover labor costs, which are as said, lower. Besides this, digitalized processes in dental treatment and fabrication of dental restorations make it able to cut prices even more.

How can I get a quote before I visit you?

The easiest way to do this is to contact us on phone, or through email. First we will ask you some questions regarding your current dental status, we ask you to provide as with pictures about your teeth. If you have a dental x-ray that is of great help for us. Based on these informations we make a treatment plan for you, which will contain how long you need to stay and how much your treatment will cost.

Is there a difference in quality?

We use highest quality dental tools and materials for your treatment. Our work is based on international protocols and rules of evidence based medicine. Our machines, tools and materials are from the leading dental companies like Ivoclar, Dentsply Sirona, Straumann, Coltene, Kuraray Noritake.

What if I have problems after I get home?

This isn't a big issue as we have a partner clinic in Dublin. If there would be any problem we would consults with our partner dentist and work out the best solution for you. Fortunately this is very rare.

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