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Body Balancing
A new way of health

Your teeth and jaw, can create much more trouble, than you ever thought!


30 day test period



Bad posture









TMJ Problems

Misalingment of your lower jaw can have several consequences

From simple jaw clicking, to headaches and even backpain. The scientific literature shows all the connections and we see them everyday, since 16 years, when we started with Body Balancing.


What's the problem?

It is almost impossible to find a dentist, who takes care not only of teeth, but also how your jaws align properly, in a way that does not make you sick.


This young woman had headaches, a clicky jaw, acne and pain in her neck. A classic case of a misaligned jaw. You can see on the first picture, how the lower jaw was "entrapped" by the upper teeth. After aligning the jaw to get it into a position where it does not disrupt her nerve system and muscular system, she got rid of her symptoms. The new jaw position was secured with a custom made splint, for the lower teeth.


What Clients Say

"I feel now much better all in general. My back is much stronger (it was not bad but still weakest part of my body) and I want to walk more straight. I feel like “something” is pushing me to do it. My whole body went up on the emotional level and I can play with it. When I was doing an exercise before I had to use some effort, but now I want to do it and play with it. I can say that I achieved the result what is writen in the name of this office “ Foundaton for Balanced Man” – I’m balanced man!


Thank you for doing this new things, you do something more than robotoc drilling of theeth. And this is very important, DO SOMETHING MORE TO UNDERSTAND MAN!!!


Much Love,


Josef Broz"

Watch our lecture, about this new perspective.

The lecture that already 20.000 people saw. People came all the way from the USA, because of Body balancing. Don't miss this!


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  • What are the costs of the treatment?
    The treatment costs about 750 Euro usually. This can vary, but you will get a precise quote based on your examination.
  • Is there a warranty?
    Yes. We offer you a 30 day test period, to try out for yourself, whether your symptoms disappear or not. If you experience that the Body Balancing helped you, you can continue to enjoy the results of it for years. If you didn't experience any positive effects, you get your money refunded. The money refund applies only for the service-fees. The material costs are not subject of the warranty, but material costs are only about 100 Euro usually.
  • Do you heal my XY disease?
    Body Balancing does not aim to heal any particular disease. We aim to bring your jaw into perfect alignment. You can experience for yourself, what effects you feel. Always consult your healthcare provider with any bodily issues.
  • Is the treatment reversible?
    Absolutely! The whole treatment is reversible, meaning we don't make any changes in your body, that can't be reversed.
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