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Dental crowns fast, esthetic, long-lasting

With high-tech digital technology, up to 70% cheaper!




Made of the best available material.

Zirconia is the most resisting and durable material available on the dental market. It is used to fabricate dental crowns, bridges, veneers and even implants, where it replaces titanium! 

Besides this, zirconia restorations proved to be better for your gum, as bacteria are virtually unable to stick to it.

We use high quality zirconia, fabricated within our own dental laboratory.

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Completely digital workflow

After preparing your teeth that need crowns, we create a digital impression about your teeth. Based on this data, our in-house dental laboratory fabricates the prototype of your final teeth, the same day!

A simple and fast procedure


How much money you save?

Prices in Dublin: 850-1250 Euro

Our price: 305 Euro

Saving: 545 Euro or more

In case of only 4 crowns you saved even more than 2.180 Euro, as provisional crowns are included!

What people are saying

I got a series of dental treatments that made my teeth more stable stronger and more beautiful. I had never received such a complete treatment anywhere before. In addition, I got a new balancing device that made my body stronger, more energetic and easier to bear the load. I can be more forceful in my bite as well. It’s worth gold when eating seeds and meat, just like this service team. If you don't have such a treatment yet, don't miss it!

This is my analogy: We could exist without fire, but what it would be like.

Tibor D.


This is a very friendly and extremely competent team, which helps you efficiently and affordably with dental and musculoskeletal problems. We recommend!

Martina G.


The family goes there ... My 71-year-old mom said, "I've never met such a professional, attentive, patient doctor in my life." We also took my little boy there when he was a couple of years old (half broken / not broken / with teeth). He was treated fantastically. It tells everything in advance what it will do, why. Their goal is to preserve teeth completely. Additional info, but parking in the area and BP is free. they are on the edge so you don’t have to calculate with a traffic jam.

Szilvia P.



Case study




This lady wanted to get well aligned teeth, that look natural, replace her missing teeth and handle her TMJ problems permamently. In a short period of time she got her brand new teeth, which were not only highly esthetic and in harmony with her face, but were also functionally good, to get rid of her TMJ problems. 


This young man wanted to get his teeth fixed and get a new, esthetic smile. We needed to start with several fillings and removal of a few teeth. After this, he got brand new crowns, bridges and veneers on his teeth. We corrected his bite with the crowns in order to restore proper function and facial esthetics.

4 Simple steps











We started our family-owned dental office in 2006. Since that time we treated people from all over the world. We had patients comming all the way from the USA and China. We've developed and invested back in to the company, to develope our current dental center, with state of the art dental technology.

Frequently asked questions

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a replacement of your missing tooth structure. When a tooth is severely decayed, worn, or needs a big modification of its form, we make a crown on it. In order to do this, we need to remove a small amount of tooth structure. Thanks to zirconia this only a small fragement of the tooth.

How much healthy tooth structure is removed?

Thanks to the strongness of zirconia we need to remove only a small part of the tooth structure. Often times we can keep a lot of healthy enamel. Parts of the tooth, where it has an old filling or decay, is removed and cleaned. If there are one or more sides of the tooth, which are completely healthy, we make a partial crown. This way we save healthy tooth structure. With our bonding procedure we create a very strong link between tooth and zirconia, this way even partial crowns stick to the tooth perfectly, are very long lasting, and durable.

How does the procedure work?

1. First we do an examination, after which we create a treatment plan for you and consult it with you.

2. Then we treat any infections that we may have encountered during the exam, so we can work with healthy teeth.

3. After this we prepare your tooth for the crown. This means forming it, so our laboratory can create a proper, long lasting crown on to it.

4. We take a digital impression (scanning) of your teeth.

5. The lab produces the prototype of your final teeth. This has the form of your final tooth, but is made from a plastic. This way you test it how your final tooth will look and feel like.

6.a If you want, we immediately fabricate the final zirconia crown so you get everything done in one visit.

6.b You go come with the provisional crown. This is suggested, when we are making several crowns, and you should have time to test the new form and look, so the final crowns will exactly match your expectations.

7. Regular check-ups.

How many visits are needed?

This depends on your wishes. If you want to do it in just one visit, you have to stay here for 5 days, so we have enough time to fabricate your final teeth and let you go home securely. We suggest to do it in two shorter visits. The first visit take 2-3 days, after which you go home with provisional crowns. You test them and ascertain that they feel and look like you expected. The next time you come to get your final, zirconia crowns. This visit takes 2 days usually.

If there are infections that need to be handled or other dental work, the length of the visits may vary. Consult with us, so we can give you personalized informations.

What is the difference between a zirconia crown and a PFM crown?

1. Zirconia crowns are completely metal free and are fabricated in one piece, because of this it is very strong. Porcelain fused to metal crowns have a metal core on which porcelain is layered. The edge of these crowns can appear to be darker, creating an unnatural look. (as seen in this pictures, at the upper front teeth)

Zirconia crowns and bridges don't have such a metal core. This way there is no dark edge.

2. The ceramic top of PFM crowns is more prone to chipping, as it is a weaker material. Zirconia crowns are less likely to chip, as it is a stronger type of ceramic.

3. The other difference is, that PFM crowns need more tooth grinding, as there has to be space for metal and ceramic. Zirconia crowns need less tooth reduction, so this way we save more vital tooth structure.

4. Zirconia crowns are fabricated completely digitally and only need minor characterization, coloring by hand, to create a natural look. This way we can exactly reproduce the digitally planned teeth, and get the expected results. PFM crowns are hand made, because of this it can be more likely be different, than the expected form, color.

How long is the life-span of these crowns?

Zirconia crowns are very resistant to staining and wear. If you take good care of your teeth and see your dentist for a check-up every year, they can last for several decades.

image2 (1).jpeg

My experience with Balance Dental has been phenomenal which I like to share with everyone who is looking for not just a good professional Dental practice but where you feel safe due to the available knowledge between the staff.


From the first contact by email till the last goodby at the praxis was all very pleasant.


I had some issues with my teeth in the past and have seen different dentists. What I experienced here was from a different level. With a thorough examination done with scanning of all my teeth, X-ray’s and physical examinations the treatment plan was put together. We have been over each step and it was laid out why they advised this with real examples.

The execution of the whole plan went very smooth and after all done I am very happy and satisfied and have not felt in years so well about my teeth which does influence as well the rest of my body and my whole week being.


I like to thank Miklos and Sebastian (who did the actual treatment) and the whole team for their professional help. I can  say if you want real help to handle your teeth and as well your back you should visit the practice and work with them and you will experience the result.


All the best,


5 reasons you should do your crowns in Hungary!

Request a callback!

Our colleagues will contact you to give you a cost estimation, all informations and help you get started.

1. You get a FREE treatment plan and consultation with our doctor. You will get a complete understanding of the procedures.

2. You save up to 70% on your treatment costs. Not only on crowns, but also on all other treatments, like root canal treatments, dental implants and fillings.

3. You fly to Budapest with ticket prices from 12.99 Euro.

4. We help you organize your accomodation and transport. Our driver picks you up at the airport.

5. You come to an english speaking company, where you can seamlessly communicate with your dentist and staff members.

Frequently asked questions

How are dental treatment so much cheaper in your clinic?

In Hungary labor costs and prices in general are lower, than in other, western parts of Europe. As dentistry is a service industry, a large part of the treatment costs cover labor costs, which are as said, lower. Besides this, digitalized processes in dental treatment and fabrication of dental restorations make it able to cut prices even more.

How can I get a quote before I visit you?

The easiest way to do this is to contact us on phone, or through email. First we will ask you some questions regarding your current dental status, we ask you to provide as with pictures about your teeth. If you have a dental x-ray that is of great help for us. Based on these informations we make a treatment plan for you, which will contain how long you need to stay and how much your treatment will cost.

Is there a difference in quality?

We use highest quality dental tools and materials for your treatment. Our work is based on international protocols and rules of evidence based medicine. Our machines, tools and materials are from the leading dental companies like Ivoclar, Dentsply Sirona, Straumann, Coltene, Kuraray Noritake.

What if I have problems after I get home?

This isn't a big issue as we have a partner clinic in Dublin. If there would be any problem we would consults with our partner dentist and work out the best solution for you. Fortunately this is very rare.

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