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Story: Michael from the USA

"I came to Hungary nine months ago. I heard about the concept on the Freewinds. I had a bad back and it looked to me that this might help me, so I flew over and got balanced.

I felt better within two days of the balancing. In the past I could not stand for long periods of time without my back aching and I would have to sit down. Now I have no attention on this area of my body.

It is a shame that once we feel better we have a very short memory, as how bad our pain used to be. We forget too quickly, how totally wonderful it is to be without pain. We go about our way, never look back to be as thankful as we should be for being our complete self again ….. without pain. This alone was worth every bit of the trip and relatively small price to pay to be made whole again with the body balancing treatment.

My next endeavor was to have my teeth adjusted to the proper position generated by the mouth retainer that the balancing created. As it turned out all of my teeth needed to have caps put on them. I knew this before I arrived, because I was told this by several dentists in Los Angeles. I had my teeth ground down so they could receive the caps and then I was given my temporary teeth to take back to the States, because it was going to take several weeks to produce my permanent teeth. When I was back in the States I went over to see my regular dentist, to see what he thought of my temporary teeth as well as the job that was done so far. I was actually surprised to hear him acknowledge what a good job was preformed on just the temporary teeth and that the grinding of the teeth, in preparation for the caps, was the most professional he had seen in a long time. It really made me feel good to hear that from my own dentist, who had just lost a very big dental job to a Hungarian competitor.

I came back to Hungary 10 days ago to get my final caps (teeth). I first had my caps installed with temporary glue. Next the dentist installed my permanent teeth. This was all done with very great detail and precise attention to making every thing just perfect.

I can’t thank the team at Body Balancing enough for the outstanding job they did not only giving me a perfect smile, but also giving me a new back …..without pain.

Miklós is a true master of his trade and a perfectionist in everything he touches, a very rare thing to be found on this planet. I wish him and Peter the very best in the future, and keep up all your wonderful work. "

Michael Curry

Pasadena, California, USA

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